Special Excursions

Many thanks to the Cultural Alliance for their grant.  Our entertainment was substantially subsidise by this wonderful organization.  Please support this group and their efforts to bring the arts to York County.  

Thanks also to Peoples Bank for their support for Leviathan Week and Saubels Markets for their support during the New Freedom Fest.  Their donation was critical to the success of this wonderful event.   


Terry Bluett as Josiah Gitt

Josiah Gitt was a dry goods merchant from Hanover, Pennsylvania who owned a farm in York County. He, along with other farmers throughout the region suffered greatly in June 1863 as passing soldiers took animals and other supplies from the surrounding countryside. Gitt and others later sued the federal government for the damages done to their properties. Lawsuits (of this sort seeking recompense for Civil War Ear property damage) were filed well into the early 20th century.   

Terry will be on the train September 27th and November 22nd.

Kent Courtney

Kent Courtney is an entertainer, educator and living historian.  Mr. Courtney is a nationally recognized authority on the Civil War and railroad history.  

In Smoke and Fire News, Matt Merta said of Kent Courtney "For many years he has released tapes and CDs of period music that can be ranked as some of the best and most authentic interpretations… Courtney does strive for authenticity in his work and with Garryowen, he is probably the best at it today.

As a producer and director, he has worked on "The Sabers and Roses Civil War Reality TV Show" and dozens of commercials and hundreds of live productions. Join him for an excursion to remember.

For more information on Kent, visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=576MrEJ7SLk

Kent Courtney will be on the train October 11th.

Jeff Greenawalt, Frets and Strings

Jeff Greenawalt is a Civil War era musician. Enjoy an afternoon of his guitar and a bit of goober peas as he entertains our visitors on the train. Jeff has an extensive background performing Civil War ear music and a good bet you will want to hear him again and again. 

For more information on Jeff, visit: http://www.flipsidepa.com/ci_24275639/jeff-greenwalt-combines-love-civil-war-history-music?source=most_viewed

Jeff Greenawalt will be on the train September 1st and October 19th. 

The Great Train Robbery Duo

The Great Train Robbery has been together for the past two decades.  The original band released 8 albums and has played for over 5,000 colleges, corporate events, festivals, fairs and night clubs.

We are happy to have two of the band members who have opened for the Allman Brothers, the Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels, and Blue Oyster Cult to name a few. 

For more information on the band, visit: http://www.greattrainrobbery.com/

The Great Train Robbery Duo will be on the train  October 5th.

Freedom Lies Just North, the story of the Underground Railroad - Deb McCauslin

Before the Civil War African Americans worked with Quaker neighbors to bring more than a thousand slaves to freedom. Deb McClauslin  will bring local Underground Railroad history to life, her bank of information on the history seems endless. Deb will communicate this story with passion that will touch your senses.  

For more information on other packages that Deb has to offer, visit: http://www.gettysburghistories.com/

Deb will be on the train August 30th.

James Hayney as Lincoln:  

What Halbrook did for Mark Twain and James Whitmore did for Will Rogers, James Hayney does for our greatest President. William Kiesling, former Chief of Staff for PA Governor's office

Mr. Hayney helps us understand Lincoln's values and attitudes, which were the foundation of his successful efforts to maintain the union of states and to free the slaves.   Al Holliday, publisher, Pennsylvania Magazine

Mr. Hayney will join us in November .  He is legendary and very popular with our riders!

For more information on Mr. Hayney, visit: http://lookingforalincoln.com/

Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz specializes in living history programs of Music Through the Ages with either authentic or reproduction musical instruments to entertain you.  He plays everything from Renaissance to Edwardian era to the big band era. Gary is a reenactor with the 138th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company B. With his period dress and historic instrument , Mr. Schwartz is sure to entertain.

For more information on Gary, visit: http://musicbythemaster.com/

Susquehanna Travellers

The Susquehanna Travellers have been playing traditional Nineteenth Century music for more than a decade, with a focus on the Civil War era and Irish music. The musicians as also Civil War re-enactors and are members of the 87th Volunteer Infantry.

For more information on Susquehanna Travellers, visit: http://www.susquehannatravellers.com

Susquehanna Travellers will be on the train August 31st and October 12th.

Joseph Forrester

Joe is also a Civil War living historian.   He plays portrays Brigadeer General Thomas Francis Meagher.  He shares the story of General Meagher's life both in Ireland and in the US as a speaker, soldier and statesman.

Check out Joe's website for more information: josfrrstr.wix.com/Elvisforalloccasions



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